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Packing Systems

These days I have been interested in what items different people see as essential to carry
into site with them and this article will look at different packing systems for those items.  

As I am sure it is for all of you, your cars/vans/trucks are probably over stocked to deal
with different situations but as my long distance travelling work increases and modes of
transport constantly change I feel it is efficient and safe to have a kit bag that is
self-sufficient and which can include climbing gear, chainsaw maintenance and first aid.

I have always used bucket style carriers, Black Diamond’s ‘Stubby’ and more recently
Teufelbergers 50L ‘ropeBUCKET’.  The Stubby is a Big Wall Haul pack and is designed to
accommodate vertical hauling and hanging, which is of little use for everyday tree work
though does have a comfortable ruck style shoulder carrying strap and waist belt. 
The ropeBUCKET is effectively just that, a bucket, though it has potential for unique storage options. 
It has a number of carrying options, including ruck shoulder straps, though the
comfort of these leave something to be desired on long treks to site.

Both are great for loading long lengths of rope in.

As my own climbing systems become more compact the bucket style size is a little
redundant and after seeing Mystery Ranch’s Wildfire HOT TOP carrying system I realised that
a change of tactic for my packing system was feasible.  The HOT TOP is uniquely design for
Wildland Fire Fighting, features include compartmentalised storage and a carrying system
that  accommodates different body sizing and the challenges of wearing a pack for a 16 hr
working day, comfort, ergonomics and having the right equipment to hand are key.

The HOT TOP seemed close to perfect for my requirements and the challenge was to clear
away unnecessary climbing equipment in order to fit everything in, but not to be left
wanting while 500km away from my gear store.


Number    Product                                               Use
1              18M Teufelberger ‘Tachyon’.             access/rescue line.
2              20M x 2 Teufelberger ‘Sirius 500’.    TRT system rope.
3              3M Donaghys ‘Cougar Blue’ /           Work positioning lanyard.
                ART ‘Positioner’ /
                DMM ‘Oval’ karabiner /
                DMM ‘Shadow’ karabiner.   
4              Teufelberger ‘Treemotion S.light’       Work positioning harness.

Number     Product                                      Use
5                DMM ‘Captain’                        Traverse hook
6                Teufelberger ‘Multisling’/        DdRT anchor
                  DMM ‘Durolock Boa’ /
7                20M 9mm Edelweiss /              Traverse line/double crotch system
                  Trango ‘Cinch’ /
                  DMM ‘Oval’ karabiner.
8                Mystery Ranch bag                   Harness pouch.

Number    Product                                     Use
(1)            80cm Black Diamond               Various
                ‘Dyneema’ sling.
(2)            DMM ‘Durolock Boa’              Various
(3)            Petzl ‘Shunt’                             Rope rocket
(4)            Bandage ‘Blood Stopper’.        First aid
(5)            Spyderco knife                         Various


Number     Product                                      Use
9                5M Sirius 500 /                         Trunk anchor.
                  34mm anchor ring.
10              Briko glasses.                            Safety glasses.
11              4M Rigging ring sling               Rigging anchor.
12              Bite and sting kit.                      First aid.
13              Teufelberger chain lanyard        Safety lanyard.  Shock impact and breakaway.


 Number      Product                           Use
14                Spanner/driver               Chainsaw maintenance
15                File handle                     Chainsaw maintenance
16                Flat file                          Chainsaw maintenance
17                Round file 3 size            Chainsaw maintenance


  Number    Product                         Use
18               Silky ‘Tsurugi’.            Handsaw.

Number    Product                                Use
19             Vinyl tape.                           Rope ends.
20             Sony video monitor.            Recording.
21             Pieps first aid bag.               First aid.
22             Sony video camera.             Recording.
23             Joby Gorilla Pod.                Camera tripod.

Number    Product                                     Use
(1)            Bandage ‘Blood Stopper’.         First aid.
(2)            Eye wash.                                  First aid.
(3)            Survival sheet.                           First aid.
(4)           ‘Sam Splint’ Splint.                    First aid.
(5)            Tweeser.                                     First aid.


Danboku san’s packing system -

Takayanagi san’s packing system -